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Jewish Charms - Sterling Silver Jewish or Judaic Charms Charms

In the modern United States and Europe, charms are used as an expression of the wearer's style, life history and wishes. As charms expert and author Tracey Zabar describes it, charm bracelets are history on a wrist. If you consider the wide range of charms available, you won't have a hard time expressing your own personality. All charms on this page are sterling silver and come with a sterling silver jump right to quickly attach to your existing bracelet or necklace.
Chai Charm   Hamsa Charm Hamesh Hand Charm   Menora Charm   Star of David Charm

Chai Charm
Price: $10.00

  Hamsa Charm /Hand Charm
Price: $10.00
  Menora Charm
Price: $10.00
  Star of David Charm
Price: $10.00

Sterling Silver Chai Charm
Sterling Silver Chai Charm
$10.00 -Sterling Silver Chai Charm
Sterling Silver Hamsa / Hamesh Hand
>Sterling Silver Hamsa / Hamesh Hand
$10.00 - Sterling Silver Hamsa / Hamesh Hand
Sterling Silver Menora
Sterling Silver Menora
Sterling Silver Star of David
Sterling Silver Star of David
$10.00 - Sterling Silver Menora
$10.00 - Sterling Silver Star of David


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