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4.5 Sterling Silver Block Necklaces™

This is a sterling silver 4.5mm Name Block Necklace™

You choose the length and style of the sterling silver necklace chain. We offer Rolo Chain, Snake Chain and Ball Chain (all are sterling silver chains). The lengths range from 18"-36". You choose the style and length during the ordering process. We have lots of special characters to choose from; Heart, Ampersand, Blank Cube, Cross, Flower and Star of David blocks. The price of the name necklace depends on the number of letters, spacers and special characters you choose. Price INCLUDES rolo chain necklaces... you can special order a ball chain or snake chain necklace.

Pricing of the Name Necklaces depends on the numbers of letters and symbols on each necklace and includes sterling silver necklace:

.925 Sterling Silver

4.5mm name necklaces
8 Letters/Symbols & CORRUGATED Spacers

Sean and Jayden name necklace
11 Letters/Symbols & NO Spacers

Sean & Jayden Necklace
11 Letters/Symbols & SMOOTH Spacers

Scroll down for larger images...

1 letter $29
2 letters $32
3 letters $35
4 letters $38
5 letters $41
6 letters $44
7 letters $47
8 letters $50
9 letters $53
10 letters $56
11 letters $59
12 letters $62
13 letters $65
14 letters $68
15 letters $71
16 letters $74
17 letters $77
18 letters $80
19 letters $83
20 letters $86
21 letters $89

22 letters $92

Spacer beads (between each letter and or symbol) are $2 each. Spacer beads are either 5mm or 6mm round smooth sterling silver beads.

Star of David
question mark
Colon for Bible Verse
Star of David



Enter Name(s): Please enter the order of the beads...
e.g. SEAN (heart) JAYDEN, (flower) ASHLEY (flower), AJ (blank) TJ, (cross) ALLIE (heart)

Choose number of letters/symbols written above:
Did you choose spacers above? :
Did you want 14k gold filled beads before and after the name? :

Length of necklace:

Add silver polishing cloth for cleaning (+ $5)

Add Gift Wrap -

We accept all major credit cards  and Paypal online or over the phone.

Sterling Silver Name Necklaces
BAILEY Name Neckace
CC-Sterling Silver Block Necklace
Message: (Heart) BAILEY (Heart)
Size: 4.5mm or 5.5mm
Letters: Choose 8 letters and 7 spacers

~ ~ ~

Message Necklace - FEARLESS
CC-Sterling Silver Block Necklace
Size: 4.5mm
Letters: Choose 8 letters

~ ~ ~

Name Necklace with no spacers
To order something similar in the name blank write: NAME (heart) NAME

11 Letters/Symbols shown above

~ ~ ~
Roman Numeral Necklaces
Roman Numeral Necklaces
3 Letters/Symbols shown above

~ ~ ~

EVIE necklace

CC-Sterling Silver Block Necklace
Message: (Heart) EVIE (Heart)
Size: 4.5mm
Letters: Choose 6 letters and 5 spacers

~ ~ ~

Gold Block Letter necklace

7mm x 6mm OVAL Gold-Plated Block Letters
Chris and Allie Oval Gold Block Necklace WITHOUT SPACERS

~ ~ ~

Sean & Jayden Necklace

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We accept major credit cards!
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(615) 490-2177


*Perfect fit & Quality Guarantee... I send all in-stock items out the next business day with just a few exceptions. Items must be paid with credit card (E-check can take up to 10 days to process). During holidays lead time increases. Each piece is individually and custom made by Designs by Leigha(TM) and may not contain the exact beads or clasp shown in the photograph, but probably will :) Most of my bracelet designs may have up to 9 alphabet block letters per string. There are some exceptions to that rule... Additional letters per string; .925 sterling silver $4.00/ea. Because of the fluctuating silver and gold markets prices are subject to change without notice. Our Swarovski crystal designs are not intended for the creation of children's jewelry nor intended for use by children under the age of thirteen. **Free Shipping is for all orders placed online, going to an US address and over $20.

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